Saturday, March 5, 2011

New year, new place

So I know that the new year was a few months ago, but with all the movement and changes that 2011 is bringing, I wanted to start a blog that more perfectly reflects where I am, my journey, and my goals. So, head over to and follow me there as I climb higher everyday!

Decision 2011

This past week I decided to commit to Mars Hill College! While they haven't been able to offer quite as much financial aid as Brevard, everything else points to Mars Hill as the best choice. My commute will be a little longer, but I'm hoping to work my class schedule out so that I don't have to drive from Hendersonville to Mars Hill everyday. But other than the drive (which isn't a huge obstacle), I'm so excited to be there in the fall! They offer my program, a Bachelor's degree in recreation, as well as a minor in business, and a very welcoming cycling team!

Becky once again has forged the path, since she'll be starting her junior year there as well. There's a great possibility that we'll graduate the same year! Which is just wrong! Seriously though, it's okay, and even a little amusing. It just compounds the nontraditional approach I've taken in my education! At the same time, I know it makes it easier to be involved as a student having her in and social connections.

I feel so, school, school, work, work. Happily, I can add cycling and training to my activities, which will hopefully make things a little more interesting!

There's been so much movement in 2011...and we're barely into the third month! I feel really balanced at this point, a little too much work, but hey, I've got school to pay for now! Having three classes is very nice, even though biology takes a lot of studying and memorization. Work is exciting as I take on more with maintaining the property Twitter, enewsletter, and press releases. I'll be sad when I leave there. It is fun, complex, exhausting at times, and partially dysfunctional sometimes, but when it comes down to it, I like it. I still miss the park, but right now there are so many more learning opportunities at Highland Lake. I'm healthier, fitter, and progressing towards being at a competition level of fitness. Still a ways off, but heading the right direction!

Kyle is such an amazing support! Without him there's no way I'd be here, now, attaining one step at a time the dreams and goals that I've developed. It's enough to have his approval and pride at the end of a long day at work, after a hard test, and at the top of the evil mountain, reminding me that we're slowly attaining excellence and comfort in our life. Without that, I'd be half of who I am.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Ride

Sunday was brilliant. The temp was above 70, the sun played hide and seek with clouds, and Kyle and I set off to Dupont with bikes in tow. We started off easy, heading towards one of our favorite trails to ride. It's a nice long, fast, swooping singletrack through the woods, enjoyable in that the curves aren't too tight and the jumps aren't too jarring. Jubilant at the end, we attacked Lake Imaging trail, a giant stair-stepping trail. It was the perfect interval ride, chugging up the slant, then recovering for a few yards before the next step loomed ahead. We headed towards Lake Dense for our first break, enjoying the sun and breeze, and even the burn. I did feel close to exertion-puking at one point, but even that was exciting since I don't often push myself as hard as I should (and hence, my body's reaction to all the fun!).

We sat by Lake Dense, talking about things, looking over the green lake and up the mountain, into the perfect blue sky. It was so peaceful, so invigorating to be in the middle of action, nature, and each other's company.

We left Lake Dense, heading towards the south end of the forest, then looping back over another mountain towards Lake Julia. This is were we started to feel it, but kept on, pushing towards the lake. More downhill (the reward for the burning legs and screaming lungs), and finally we reached the lake. There's something so peaceful about lakes anyway, and laying there, feeling the tension from gripping handlebars and legs pushing pedals slip away was almost magical.

Finally, we headed home. The return trip is always strange. On one hand, you have that motivation to get to the car, were you can sit and relax, and eventually get home to a meal and nap. One the other hand, your body has just about had it, and your muscles are so unhappy with you! But, the mental overcame the physical and we made it back to the truck rather quickly! At least, quicker than I expected!

One of the most exciting things to me was how much my fitness has improved from our last ride! I didn't give up, my lungs didn't hate me too often, and I put mental over physical. Plus, I got to spend all day ourside with my man!

We're already planning our next route for this coming weekend! And I think I'm getting Kyle excited about the thought of cross county or endurance racing in the future!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Here

...Lurking in the background of the internet, reading what all you wonderful people write, but rarely having the chance to sit down, comment, and write for myself.

2011 has had an amazing start! I'm looking at which college I'll transfer to, and have two great options! There's a chance that I may be a on cycling team by the time school starts in August. That thought both terrifies and excites me greatly! This is what I want to do, who I want to be, the thing that I do! But there's so much to learn, experience to gain, and the biggie, fitness to work on. I'm keeping myself motivated by looking at all my dream bikes, the ones that cost more than my car (well, not quite, but some of them are close!) and I can only justify buying if it's paid for by school or I'm using it to pay for school, and admiring my toned and happy legs.

In May I'll have my Associate's Degree! I'll have finally reached the stepping stone in the middle of my educational river! I'm excelling at work, and impressing everyone with what I can do. It's so nice to be recognized and appreciated for doing things that I enjoy!

And Kyle, my love! We're happily going along, working hard to reach our goals, playing hard in our spare time, and taking each second together as a gift. I'm so blessed to have him as my partner in this life. We're getting close to 3 years of marriage, 5 years together. It seems so long, but at the same time, so short.

All in all, I'm feeling 2011...and it's feeling awesome!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I've been tired lately. School and work have been combining to rise up to just about nostril level. It's okay. I've chosen every aspect of my life, given the opportunities and needs that have presented themselves. So I'm not complaining. I'm just....saying. While I know that everyday gets me closer to that end result, the grand finale, the culmination of my last few years educationally and career-wise, it feels so stagnant and bland. Kyle calls it senioritus. Maybe that's all, though I'm hardly close to senior status yet. But I think it has something to do with the fact that the last several years have been years of occurrences, and this one just isn't. The transition to adulthood is complete, and it's leaving me a little bored. The last year has been the most stable year yet, which I do love. I love my life. But I'm still over it for right here, right now. Maybe all I need are new opportunities, activities, and pastimes. But I don't have the time for those! Maybe it's just the slightly heavier feel of autumn that's slowly sliding past the mountains, into my soul.

Friday, August 20, 2010

School Girl

School started Wednesday. I was ready for it to begin a week earlier, but things like academic schedules don't always revolve around my whims! If only! I have 14 credit hours, which after beasting the 15 in the spring, while working and all that, I'm feeling pretty good about. This semester marks my first official college level math class. Starting my 3rd year (wow, that sounds so sad....) and I've finally reached an undergrad math class! Yay me!

Kyle kindly bought my beautiful North Face back pack as a birthday present. Said back pack is now loaded down with books and papers that add up to a weight of 2.5 tons.

While I'm ready and excited for this school year, I am sad to see the summer go. It was one of the best yet! So many good people and good things walked into my life. I got to spend my mornings at my park again, drink lots of coffee with Kyle, and have 'soul rejuvenation' times with some amazing people. Tie dye and campfires have been involved in the fun, as well as mountain tops and muddy lakes.
I feel like the summer should be forever after known as the Goodness of 2010.

Give me a couple months and I'll be begging for school to be over, but for now I'm going to charge ahead with all the enthusiasm and positivity that has been built up this summer!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just one of my developmental psychology class responses about my earliest memory.

There are many fragments of memories floating around that I can easily recall, but my first major memory took place a couple weeks after I turned four years old. My little sister Becky and I were taken to a nearby playground for several hours by my paternal grandfather, Papa J. We often visited with him, but he rarely took us places, more often sitting and telling stories about his childhood during the Depression. But this time was different. We swung, slid, shrieked, made piles in the mulch, and climbed through tires. Afterwards, we returned home, where Becky and I were made to stay outside, playing in the yard and eating at the picnic table. The restricting of our entrance to the house was notable enough, but added to the out-of-the ordinary playground visit with Papa J., the day seemed even more extraordinary.
The strange supervision and odd restrictions of the day make it stick out against the fuzzy memories that I have of that age, some of which I’m not sure if I remember through my own experience or through the retelling over the years by parents and other relatives. It wasn’t until later that I realized that that day was the day my little brother was born. I don’t remember so much his entrance into my world, but the events of his birthday are what have stayed with me.
That day is one of the few days that were strictly spent with my grandfather as our caregiver. While playing at playgrounds and around the yard at my house was common enough, the fact that it was supervised primarily by my grandfather made the day special to me. That, combined with the unusual restricted access to the house, which we usually had free-reign of, created a day that stood out against all the other days in my life until that point. Without the trip to the playground or the later restricted entrance, I’m sure that day would have passed into the unmarked, unremembered days of my early years. It’s nice having a point that I can remember and positively equate with a precise point in my childhood.